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About Us

Our Story
Cannabis Africa was established in 2013 to help people easily access and benefit from cannabis-derived products. We deal only in safe and efficacious products from regulated industries. Rest assured you’re getting top value when you choose us.  

Our team
We are a team of licensed cannabis cultivators and manufacturers, pharmacists and legal experts who work synergistically to bring you safe, affordable, effective, and quality products. Our passion and knowledge are our strengths in producing the best cannabis-derived products for you. 

Our commitment to you…We offer a wide choice of products from the extracts of hemp strains, and these products are our CBD Broad Spectrum, Pain Relief Gel, CBD Pet Range, with more on the way. Although CBD and THC have received the most attention for their therapeutic value, we aim to continually push the boundaries and expand into several other cannabis derivatives to empower your personal journey to living a happier, healthier, and more balanced lifestyle. Lab-tested The relatively new cannabis industry is not entirely risk-free but we as Cannabis Africa pride ourselves in investing in the best medical-grade CBD that may promote health and mental wellbeing benefits. Locally yours: We insist on sourcing and producing products locally. We have visibility into the supply chain of our products and perform quality assurance audits on our suppliers. That includes engaging with exceptional small players and controlling high spending areas to pass on savings to you. 

Our mission
To keep surpassing our own high standards of quality and bring you the best in terms of both quality and range of CBD products. We aim to stay on the forefront of innovations in the industry and offer better products that make a meaningful difference to your wellness. Cultivating wellness, one day at a time.