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Can pets take CBD oil?

Your pets can benefit from CBD oil. Good CBD oil for pets contains very high-quality cannabinoids and very little THC. CBD oil can be helpful in a number of conditions in pets. CBD has been found to treat neuropathic pain. It also helps to control and reduce the occurrence of seizures in pets. 

Vets suggest that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil can help increase appetite, provide better cardiac health, and alleviate feelings of nausea in your pet. It may even have benefits against serious illnesses like cancer for dogs and cats, and a lot of research is still ongoing in this field.

CBD Oil has been found to reduce anxiety in dogs, and many pet parents swear by it. CBD products have been found to relax dogs in situations where they are usually anxious, such as car anxiety or anxiety when meeting new people. The results are found to be lasting as well.

What is the difference between pet CBD oil and regular CBD oil?

The basic difference is the THC content. CBD Oil is just the same for both humans and animals. However, the THC in cannabinoid products is a psychoactive component. Your pets should not consume anything with THC in it as there is no evidence of how they would react to it.

Most CBD Oils contain as low as 0.3% of THC, which is a small quantity. Therefore, you don’t see any intoxication effect in humans either when using CBD Oil. Such a low dose of THC should be safe for your pets too. The key here is to find high-quality CBD oils made specifically for pets. CBD oils for pets should only be bought from a trusted brand.

What CBD oils can your pet take?

Any CBD oil that is a hemp-derived CBD isolate has no harmful additives and contains only trace amounts of THC should be a safe option for your pets. There are also specialized pet CBD products available.