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CBD for cancer treatment

What Do We Know So Far?
Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally [1]. Every significant breakthrough in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer takes us one step closer to reducing the human and economic toll of this deadly disease. In recent years, CBD has received some attention for its potential role in managing cancer. 

CBD as a cancer treatment 
Perhaps the most promising area of cancer research for CBD lies in its possible ability to slow down the development of the disease. While there is no evidence so far that CBD can cure cancer, a few studies have aimed to understand how CBD acts on cancer cells. 

Cannabinoids have been seen to inhibit tumour growth in different types of cancers in animal and test tube models [2]. One study on the potential of cannabinoids for treating pancreatic cancer suggests that CBD may slow the expansion of cancer cells into neighbouring tissues (known as ‘tumour invasion’) and bring about the death of cancer cells [3]. 

Clinical studies on how cannabinoids may play a role in primary cancer management are lacking. The promising findings of animal experiments should hopefully fast-track more research that results in useful medical applications.