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How to choose the best CBD oil?

There are several CBD products marketed to sportspersons, people dealing with depression, insomnia, to name a few but not all are worth adding to your recovery toolkit. Here’s a list of a few things to look for when you’re buying CBD products:

THC content: The THC level in the product should be clearly mentioned. Pure CBD does not contain THC. 

Where the hemp is sourced from: CBD made from locally grown hemp follows strict standards and guidelines. The manufacturer has easy visibility into the supply chain. 

Extraction method: The CBD oil extraction processes and chemicals used may affect the safety, purity and quality of the product. Credible brands have QA practices that ensure quality plant material and extraction processes are used for consistent product reliability and safety. 

Hemp oil or MCT: Hemp oil is an extract of the hemp plant, hence natural. Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) is synthesized. 

Lab-tested: Third-party testing is another quality marker, providing assurance that the stated product purity and potency can be trusted.  For a safe and reliable CBD product, look no further than Cannabis Africa Pain Gel. Its extraction and refinement processes remove all the undesirable compounds (including THC), leaving behind CBD in its purest form. Cannabis Africa Pain Gel is effective for inflamed muscles and joints, and minor sprains and strains from sporting activities and workouts.”