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Is cheaper better?

The general idea is that anything cheap would not have the same quality as its expensive counterpart. Things get expensive because of the amount of effort and resources that go into their production and marketing. The same can be said for CBD products as well. Most buyers would agree that CBD Oil is often found to be a little expensive. But why is it so? And is it better to use cheaper CBD oil instead if you can find one? Let’s answer these questions for you.

Why is CBD Oil expensive?

There are several factors that add to the cost of CBD oils. CBD Oils are derived from hemp. Hemp farming was mostly illegal until recently in many parts of the world, making the raw material very difficult to access. Many countries even must import hemp from where it is legally grown. So the farming and import costs add up.

Next comes the extraction process. The extraction of CBD oil from hemp is a very complex process. There are different methods of processing, and each method can impact the quality of the product differently. For example, the CO2 extraction process some of the finest quality CBD Oils. Smaller businesses and home-growers, on the other hand, use the Olive Oil extraction method. This method does not yield enough CBD oil, and the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed to be the best.

Then there is third-party testing which has become essential to validate the potency of the CBD oil. They also need to ensure that the product has THC content within the prescribed limits.

Should you buy cheap CBD oil?

As you have already seen above, producing good quality CBD is not cheap. If you are getting cheap CBD, likely, it will not have the same effect as a high-quality, well-processed CBD Oil. 

It is best to go for a brand that is reliable and reputed instead of looking for cheaper options. If quality is what you want, the price is worth all the benefits of CBD oil that you’ll enjoy.

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